The Blare Group aims to keep it simple, keep it amazing, and keep everything the way you love. We just have a few questions to ask you before we get started.


Custom Designs

Instead of settling for a pre-made template modified by our team, you can opt to have a fully custom website designed by us that is one of a kind.

Mobile Responsive

We aim to make sure that your #BRG website is easy, functional, cool, and looking awesome your computer, your table, and on your Apple/Android cellphone.

SEO Friendly

We make it easy to make changes to help with search engine optimization. We can even make sure we throw in a keyword or two for you.

Blazing Fast

We want every website to be as fast as possible. We limit the size of images on your site, we are constantly looking for reasons for slow downs, and we use Google’s CDN.

Written Articles

Blog content can be great for traffic and awesome for SEO purposes. We can write articles for you using specific, industry keywords, and we will post them to your site.

Domains & Email

Every website needs a domain. Stop looking around for your domain name and just let us know what name you want. We’ll find it and set you up with an email.